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The Aztec Rock Painting According To The University Of Arizona, Is About The 7 Cities Of Cibola, News Flash, It's 9 Cities, Not 7. A Lot Of Desinformation Out There By The Goverment. (Anything To Mislead People) So Far I Have Found Not Far From The Painting, A Very Weather Worn Mountain, That Looks A Lot Like An Aztec Pyramid. Have'nt Found A Way In Yet. On The side Of It Are 5 Double Hand Size Holes, Easy To Tell Their Is A Large Cave System In Side. Have Also Found, A Good Ways From The Painting, A Large Strucure, What Looks Like Some Kind Of Statue With Aztec Head Dress Carved On The Head Part. Another Thing I Can't Even Figure Out. I Use Google Earth To Help In My Search Of Things. I Desperately Need Funds For Equiment And Transpertation. I'm Very Close To Making One Of The Greatest Discoverys In History. Can Any One Help In My Cause? The Painting Below Is 7'x6',It's In The Santa Catalina Mountains,N.E. Of Tucson,Arizona.

Aztec Rock Painting. 

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